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Grow It Bio™ Tomato & Vegetable is Irish made, 100% plant based organic fertilizer blend designed for vegetables. Suitable to feed wide variety of vegetables in your garden or allotment. This organic plant feed can be used during whole growing season. 

Whether you grow kale, salad or cucumbers, this organic plant feed will provide all necessary nutrient, organic matter and promote soil microbiome to make your veggies healthy and delicious.


Growing your own food is one of the best way to be self-sufficient, eco friendly and healthy.


By using organic fertiliser and avoiding harmful chemicals you are contributing to better plant health and biodiversity in your garden or allotment.


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How to garden organically

Why should you use plant based organic fertilizers?


Sprinkling 1.5kg of pellets on your soil will slowly release as much nutrients as 900l of seaweed feed




-       Certified Organic plant feed
-       Rich in Trace elements and Vitamins
-       Feed up to 3 months
-       Improves soil structure
-       Promote soil microbiome
-       Attract earthworms
-       Safe for kids, pets and wildlife
-       100% Plant based (Vegan friendly)


Application: 170 g/sqm every 3 months in growing season

Organic Tomato & Vegetable feed 1.5kg

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