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This All-Ireland Pollinator Wildflower Mixture mix contains some of the very best wildflowers that will attract pollinators in abundance. Attracts butterfly, native bee, bumble bees and other beneficial garden insects, hoverflies are abundant in first year.

This native wildflower mixture is great alternative to high maintanance lawn or plants and thrive on poor soil.

Sowing Irish Native Wildflowers is great way to improve biodiversity, help bees, butterflies and other pollinators, but also improve your mental wellbeing.


If required for honey bees cut this mixture in summer, after each flower flush, cut every 4 to 6 weeks. Cut no lower than 4 inches and some species will flower again. Don't let flowers go to seed if solely for honey bees. Honey bees will forage Trees and shrubs in spring. Then after the elderberry finishes, bees then move to wildflowers for summer.


100% flower mix: no grass seeds

Seed Sowing Rates: 1.5 - 3 grams per metre.

Optimal sowing period: March to June or August to October

Flowering Period: May to September

Life Cycle: Annual / Biennial / Perennial



Species List: Birdsfoot Trefoil, Black Meddick, Cowslip, Devil's BitScabious, Meadow Buttercup, Field Scabious, Hemp Agrimony, Kidney Vetch, Lady's Bedstraw, Lady's Ann lace, Lesser Knapweed,Meadowsweet, Mullein, Ox-eye Daisy, Purple Loosestrife, RaggedRobin, Red Campion, Red Clover, Ribwort Plantain, Rough Hawksbit, Sorrel, St Johnswort, Wild Angelica, Wild Carrot, Yarrow, Yellow Agrimony, Yellow Rattle, Teasel and more.

Includes 35% of annuals: Corn Marigold, Corn Poppy, Corncockle,Cornflower, Scented Mayweed


Sowings instructions: for best results remove all grass and weeds and sow on bare soil.. Alternatively mow grass on shortest setting and rake out as much as possible exposing bare soil. If sown into grass it will be beneficial to mix in additional yellow rattle seeds, which suppress the grass growth. Sow seeds in 2 direction for even distribution. Rake lightly and roll or walk over seeds to achieve better contact with soil. If sowing in spring water regularly in first 2-3 weeks during dry weather until you see successful germination.


Maintanance: after flowering let the flowers self seed and cut meadow in autumn. Remove all vegetation to avoid enriching te soil, wildflowers thrive in poor soils.


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Tax Included
  • 10g: 3-6 sqm (small garden)

    30g: 10-20 sqm (medium size garden)

    90g: 30-60 sqm (large size garden)

    250g: 83-166 sqm (XL garden)