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Description: Yellow Rattle (Rhinanthus minor) is an annual wildflower, that helps to create a biodiverse, flower-richmeadows by weakening grass growth, allowingwildflowers to thrive. This ability gives it the modern nickname'The Meadow Maker'.


Freshly harvested seeds, coldstored. To further improve germination we recommend storing seed in freezer for 2 weeks before sowing. 


Creating Irish Native Wildflower meadow is great way to improve biodiversity, help bees, butterflies and other pollinators, but also improve your mental wellbeing.


100% flower mix:

no grass seeds

Seed Sowing Rates: 0.5-1.5 grams per metre

Optimal sowing period: March to June or August to October

Flowering Period: May to August

Life Cycle: Annual

Management: Never cut from May to July, seed needs a frost to germinate



Species List: Yellow Rattle


Sowings instructions: remove all grass and weeds. Alternatively mow grass on shortest setting and rake out as much as possible exposing bare soil. Sow seeds in 2 direction for even distribution. Rake lightly and roll or walk over seeds to achieve better contact with soil. If sowing in spring water regularly in first 2-3 weeks during dry weather until you see successful germination.


Recommended read:

Yellow Rattle: A Wildflower for Meadow Restoration

Irish Native Wildflowers: Area preparation, sowing and maintenance

Irish Native Wildflowers: Yellow Rattle (Bulk bag)

Tax Included
  • 10g: 6-20 sqm (small garden)

    30g: 20-60 sqm (medium size garden)

    90g: 60-180 sqm (large size garden)

    250g: 166- 500 sqm (XL garden)

    500g: 332-1000 sqm (small field)

    1Kg: 660-2000 sqm ( large field)

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