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Handmade Rustic Bee Hotel


This bee hotel is handmade in Ireland from durable untreated Larch that contains natural preservatives for extra longevity. Bee hotel have 4 different size holes to attract wide range of solitary bees and hower-flyes.


Installing bee hotel is perfect way to create pollinator friendly garden and help biodiversity, in combination of our native Irish wildflowers. Watch the bees and important pollinators thrive in your garden and fly in and out of the bee hotel tubes as they lay eggs to create the next generation.



- solid wood structure providing better winter insulation for bees and pollinating insect

- durable wood without chemical treatment

- 4 different hole sizes: 8mm, 6mm, 4mm and 3mm

- total of 30+ holes



As this is handmade product measurements are approximate and can differ

Main body: 95x95x200mm

Back plate: 25x125x350mm

Roof: 25x150x150mm


Pack contain: Assembled product


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Handmade Rustic Bee Hotel (Small)

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