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Trim Tidy Towns Tree Planting 2022-2023

Community tree planting is big part of rewilding and in our town of Trim we have partnered with Tidy Towns and Council for tree planting scheme Elder project to plant 10 000 native trees and shrubs that will provide several benefits to local residents and biodiversity alike.

In winter 2022/23 we have planted total of 2656 native trees and 60 fruit trees. We have selected 16 different locations: 12 residential estates, GAA and Prosper Meath as well as the Athboy Ring Road and Summerhill Road.

18 different species of native and close to native trees list were planted including oak, hawthorn, hazel, elder, crab apple, wild cherry, birch, alder rowan and others.

Happy gardening

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Help us plant more native trees

Every purchase from our website will help us to buy and grow more native trees of which we have so little in Ireland. You can also help by sharing our content, products, or donate additional trees here. You can also help us during the planting days. Every small help will be greatly appreciated.


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