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Tree planting Dec `21 (100 trees)

Updated: May 24, 2023

Sustainability and commitment to help environment and biodiversity is at the center of Grow It Bio business, by promoting organic growing and avoiding chemicals and pesticides, avoiding single use plastic in our packaging and and trough education on our facebook group Organic Gardening Ireland.

But we want to go even further, on December 2021 we have decided to start new initiative to plant 1x Native tree for every order we receive. And we will continue this as long as the business will operate. You can help by purchasing any of our products on our website or at any of our stockist, or by donating trees here.

We have not yet fill the quota for 100 trees but decided to push ahead early and order 100 mixed native trees and shrubs: equal quantity (20x) of Alder, Hawthorn, Hazel, Wild Cherry and Crab apples.

We wanted to take advantage of bare root season and warm soil. It will be much harder to plant when the soil is frozen solid and all trees were planted on 19-20th December 2021.

Location for planting: Athboy road, Trim, Co. Meath 53.561218, -6.785770

We have decided for double row and close proximity (1m apart, 50cm between rows) planting to create native mixed hedge and short single line of trees. Once mature the hedge will create food source and shelter for wildlife and will also act as natural road noise barrier for the estate houses.

I believe kids should be exposed to nature as much as possible and we are raising our kids with this in mind. They helped us with tree planting and did great job of sorting and mixing different types of trees and firming the soil around the trees.

This is only first of many planting and we have already identified few suitable sites for next plantings.

Happy gardening

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Help us plant more native trees

Every purchase from our website will help us to buy and grow more native trees of which we have so little in Ireland. You can also help by sharing our content, products, or donate additional trees here. You can also help us during the planting days. Every small help will be greatly appreciated.


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