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Creating Future Forests

Updated: May 24, 2023

Last year we have decided to plant 1 native tree for every order we get. To kick off the project we planted 100 native trees. This year in addition to purchased trees we will grow our own trees too. We will create tree seed beds to grow on trees but also plant germinated seeds directly following the natural process. This will enable us to plant much more trees at reasonable cost.

Over last weekend with help of our kids we have collected acorns and hazelnuts from local forest. In first batch we layered 320 of them with composts into 2 large pots. This technique is called lasagna method in which you create multiple layers of compost and seeds/nuts. This will keep the seeds moist and protect them from mice until the seeds or nut is spent and germinated. This happens relatively quick so after few weeks we will tip the seeds out and plant them in seeds beds to grow them on or directly into the final position in ground.

Help us plant more native trees

Every purchase from our website will help us to buy and grow more native trees of which we have so little in Ireland. You can also help by sharing our content, products, or donate additional trees here. You can also help us during the planting days. Every small help will be greatly appreciated.

Happy gardening

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