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Tree planting 2022

Updated: May 24, 2023

In 2021 we decided to plant 1 native tree for every order we get. To kick off the project we planted 100 native trees.

This year we hoped to plant 1000 trees. Unfortunately due to slow season our orders amounted to 232 (as of writing) with additional 32 trees that were kindly donated by our customers. This would result in planting of 264 trees which is still good.

I`m very passionate about trees & forest and decided to stick with 1000 or more trees. We still need money to live but I`m not driven by profit anymore but by what I can give and I always try to lead by example. So in addition to purchased tree saplings we have started growing our own trees by collecting acorns, hawthorn berries, willow and dogwood cuttings.

Some were planted directly and some we are started in pots. While Hawthorn berries takes up to 18 months to germinate and need cold winter frost to break dormancy, acorns are better planted straight away due to long tap roots.

This year we planted:

100 hawthorn

100 alder

20 Scots pine

850 oak

120 dogwood

200 willow

Total of 1390 trees, which is over 5 trees for every order! We had 2 planting location one in Trim and one in Athboy Cows Park and had many wonderful volunteers to help us out.

Help us plant more native trees

Every purchase from our website will help us to buy and grow more native trees of which we have so little in Ireland. You can also help by sharing our content, products, or donate additional trees here. You can also help us during the planting days. Every small help will be greatly appreciated.

Happy gardening

Tomas & Monika

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