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READ IN FULL: This offer is ONLY FOR community groups, schools, tidy towns, charity groups etc. Please do not request for private purposes!


Name of the community group, school etc will be REQUIRED for shipping address


Max 2 parcels per each community group. Each parcel will contain either 10Kg organic multipurpose bucket or 2x 3pack of 1.5kg random organic plant feed boxes (9kg total), parcels might be combined for shipping purpose when possible.


There are 4 different products, however all can be interchanged due to low NPK, the benefit of the organic feeds lies in high in trace elements content (similar to sea weed) and feeding soil microbiome with sugars and organic matter i.e. fruit feed can be used for vegetables, lawn feed can be used for fruit and veg or flowers etc....


To allow allocation of 2 parcels we have reversed shipping and product cost. €12 is for SHIPPING ONLY- i.e. 2 parcels = 2x shipping cost. DO NOT PICK MORE THAN 2, orders over 2 will be REFUNDED. Products are therefore FREE.


We are using Fastway courier for shipping, damage during shipment will not be entertained as the products are FREE.





- Certified Organic

- Sprinkling 1.5kg of pellets on your soil will slowly release as much nutrients as 900l of seaweed feed- Rich in Trace elements and Vitamins- Slow release- Improves soil structure- Promote soil microbiome- Attract earthworms- Safe for kids, pets and wildlife- 100% Plant based (Vegan friendly)

Community group offer

Tax Included

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