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5 Things to avoid when bird feeding

Feeding birds is very rewarding and enjoyable activity. It is not rocket science, but it's important to feed birds responsibly and ensure the well-being of the birds and maintain a healthy environment.

Here are few things to avoid when feeding birds:

1. Bird feed in plastic nets

  • Plastic nets are not only harmful due to environmental pollution, but can pose deadly traps for birds that can get entangled in them. Far better, safer and more sustainable option are metal feeders and loose fat balls.

2. Stale or Mouldy Bird Food

  • Avoid providing birds with stale or mouldy food. Mould can be harmful to birds and cause respiratory problems. Ensure that bird feed is fresh and free from any contamination. For this reason it is recommended to avoid home made suet balls from lard during summer.

3. Salted Food

  • Avoid using salted or seasoned food, as excessive salt can be harmful to birds. This includes salted peanuts or any human snacks that may contain high levels of salt. Stick to natural, unsalted options, specialised bird mixes and peanuts for birds.

4. Dirty Bird Feeders

  • Dispose of any spoiled or rancid bird food promptly and regularly clean and check feeders for freshness. Dirty feeders lead to bacterial growth, potentially causing illness in birds.

5. Feeding Bread and Processed Foods

  • Bread and other processed foods have limited nutritional value for wild birds. Feeding large quantities of bread will fill birds without providing essential nutrients, leading to malnutrition. Opt for bird seeds, nuts, and suet for a more healthy and balanced diet for your garden birds.

By being mindful of these points, you can create a safe and supportive environment for the birds and wildlife in your area. Responsible bird feeding improve the well-being and survival of birds and contributes to a positive relationship between humans and wildlife.

Happy gardening

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